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cpu meter redlines when i use video

13 inch mid 2012
2.9ghz i7
16gb 1600 Mhz DDr3
intel graphics 4000 1536
High sierra 10.13.5

Im using 2.7.1 mix emergency, i know its old but it works fine with me. well it used to until this.

Ok, the problem I'm having is, every time i start using video on mixemergency or serato dj video, the computer meters jumps to redline in the serato dj computer meter... I've optimized video resolution, latency etc.... and it keeps jumping to redline on the serato dj computer meter. When i switched to mp3s only, the computer meter goes way down... I use a 2gb wd external hd also.


thanks nick


  • My dj mixer pioneer djsm 09

  • Have you tried playing videos from your internal HD?

    I would also suggest monitoring the temperature of your computer - it may be the case that you need to clean out the fans/vents of any dust.

  • Just an assumption that you're using Serato DJ Pro and if so disable Hi-Res mode it taxes the computers unnecessarily and causes a lot of problems ... I've even experienced issues on a maxed out 2017 15"

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