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Mix Emergency For Pcs

All these years you people you have failed to provide with us Mix Emergency for windows machines? Some of we have machines faster and Stronger than macs But you failed to provide with us the software.
this is a year of upgrading please provide that software to us also


  • I'm sorry, but I don't want to provide MixEmergency for the Windows OS (for a number of reasons). So, for now, it will be for macOS only.

  • @Nick, I think you should really reconsider building this for windows machines man. Even if not all ME features are supported to start with. Mix Emergency is the ONLY reason I bought a Macbook Pro. I need to upgrade my machine now and I'm not a fan of the direction Apple is taking with these new machines.

    I'd even pay again for a Windows ME license :)

    justmy2cents :smile:

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