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output window issues

So I have a brand new late 2018 Macbook Pro
specs: 2.2 ghz intel core i7, 16Gb 2400 mhz ddr4,
intel hid graphics 630 1536mb

and I run the latest version of mohave and serato dj

when I run Mixemergency from my laptop to a 1 to 4 cat5 to
hdmi splitter we have at the club i’m a resident at....after about
3 hours i get this pesky bar going across the videos on the output screen.
Searched the whole internet for a resolution but couldn’t
find one. Very frustrating after spending 2k+ on a macbook.
Any idea what can fix this? What’s causing it?


  • My intial guess is that it might be the Mixer FX feature. There is an effect that can become engaged when you move the EQs, and it sounds as though you might've adjusted one a tiny amount (just enough to engage it). I would suggest disabling this. To disable Mixer FX:

    1) In the menubar, select Window, then Mixer FX (this will open the Mixer FX window).
    2) On the Mixer FX window, disable all of the pink and yellow buttons.

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