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New Authorization needed for new Mac user profile on same cpu?

Have ME authorized & working on a MBP2017 with newly installed Mojave (10.14.4) Wanted to create a new Mac user profile for ME & Serato use only. ME asking for authorization. Didn't anticipate that as I thought the cpu was authorized and new Mac user profile would be ok. Is that normal?


  • Yes, this is normal. You can still deauthorise MixEmergency from your main account and then authorise it on your new profile.

    To deauthorise MixEmergency:

    1) Make sure that you are connected to the internet.
    2) Launch MixEmergency.
    3) In the menubar, select “MIxEmergency”, then “Authorise…”.
    4) On the Authorisation window that opens, push the “Deauthorise” button.

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