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Rane 72 effects section

The new effects section on the 72 allows you to layer all eight effects to one channel or split between two channels. How you send your effects also effects how the midi will be sent if trying to pair it with mixemergency deck effects. The deck effects of mixemergency also only allow one effect at a time. Would it be possible to re do the effects section to be able to be applied better to the rane 72? I spent two weeks trying to figure out the midi with the paddles seeming to send the same midi note. The trick was to midi map the effects button for each effect while the paddle was engaged to that deck. Aslo i had to split the effects section like it comes by default instead of sending all the effects to what ever single channel. Thanks for the great product!!


  • I feel as though we might need a more user-configurable FX section to make it compatible with a wider range of mixers. It's a little difficult because of the different setups between manufacturers.

  • would it be possible in a further update to have the effects be able to be layered? i was working around this on controllers by using the fx sequencer seperate effects on/ off switches but i have been trying to incorporate that more into my sets by itself.

  • Maybe. It's just getting a balance between being something that can be completely customised and something that is easy to use. It would be interesting to know how many of the effects the average VJ used.

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