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Need my license to be deauthorized

edited May 2019 in MixEmergency

Good Afternoon,

My computer crashed so I figured I'd update to High Sierra. When I try to authorize my license it tells me error code 2 . 0 authorizations available. My email address is [E-mail removed]. Can you please deauthorize my license. Thanks.


  • Hi. I replied to both of your e-mails just after I received them - did you not get the reply? If not, please check your junk/spam folder.

  • Thank you. I checked my spam and did not see them. I also tried to authorize right now and it gave me the same error message. Can i give you a different email address to send to?

  • I notice that you're using both a hotmail and gmail account - can you please verify that you've checked the junk folder on the gmail account and not the hotmail account?

  • The replies were sent on the 13th and 14th of May (New Zealand time).

  • Thank you. I checked again but did not see them so there's probably an issue with my gmail account. Can you send it instead to the hotmail account please?

  • Ok, will do.

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