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Pioneer S9 Crossfade not working correctly with ME

Pioneer DJ S9 Crossfade Not working properly it moves left to right but at 100% it goes back sometimes to the middle or halfway it’s like it’s glitchy. I don’t have any problems with Sdj pro video. I am running the new update 3.2.0 with the same problem. I tried to re-midi mapping with no success. I did a search to see if anyone had this problem I didn’t see anything that actually fix the problem. I am running Mac 10.12.1 2.6GHz i7 NVIDIA gt 650M. Please anyone can help me. Thanks


  • Have you tried deleting the MIDI mapping completely? If Serato DJ is running then there is no need for you to map it directly, as MixEmergency will simply read the same fader data as Serato Video.

  • No I haven’t tried deleting the mapping. I would like to run mix emergency alone And not run Serato video at the same time. What is your recommendation on what to do to get the S9 Cross Fader to work correctly I tried re-mapping it it doesn’t work. It seems like it works for the first minute or so then after that it goes sporadic It’s like I have to tap on it to be at 100% if I don’t tap on the Fader either goes in the middle or like a 70% After I made a transition I always have to tap on it (fader) to make the transition 100% on video

  • Awesome I deleted the map and now it’s working perfect thank you so much for your help. Definitely always recommending mix emergency to my friends.

  • Cool - glad to hear it :)

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