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ME 3.2.0 Serato DJ 2.1.0 MacBook Pro Mid 2015 Freezing and CPU Meter running high

Hi there,
I have been using this setup for a few months with no issues. All of a sudden, the cpu meter starts running high, laptop freezes up, can’t maneuver the mouse (frozen). Is there something I am doing wrong or need to do? I made sure to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth as well. I did upgrade my Mixemergency to 3.2 hoping this would fix it but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Sorry, I did not include specs of my laptop:

    Mid 2015 MacBook Pro
    15 inch
    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 gb 1600 MHz DDR3
    AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB
    Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

  • It's likely that the computer may be overheating. I would suggest getting an app to monitor the temperature of the computer, as well as possibly cleaning out your vents:

  • Thanks Nick for the cleaning tip. So here's what has happened since I first sent the message. I spent some time trying to troubleshoot 2 days ago. I have been using an external hard drive to run my videos. It is a Lacie Rugged 2tb. I have been using the thunderbolt connection instead of the usb. I decided to go back to the USB connection and everything worked fine. I did a set Tuesday night with 0 issues. I connected my setup again the same way last night to practice at home and the issue with the red yellow flashing light in Serato and CPU meter running high started again. I left it alone overnight and started again fresh this morning and it immediately started freezing again. I will try to clean the fan as you recommended but it sure is starnge considering I did a full set the other night with no issues after just switching my external back to USB instead of Thunderbolt.

  • I have been dealing with this issue as well! I've moved files to an external to free up space, did a reinstall of my os and just dl a mac fan program to keep an eye on temps and adjust the fan speed. Going to try a laptop cooler as well. I've had private parties right before my night starts at the club so in both instances I've had my laptop running for about 10 hours! Hopefully all this helps!

  • I just learned about this application. It turn's off turbo boost. It keeps the clock rate consistent on the cpu. Your computer won't work as hard but it makes it more stable at the expense of performance boost.

  • That's interesting. I haven't heard of anyone doing this before.

  • I literally just saw a post about it on a google group. I had no idea you could do it until someone posted it was recommended for Serato optimization under its windows guide. I disabled it on two laptops and ive has less stress on them.

    I can confirm longer battery life, lower cpu temperatures and better stability. I wish I would of known about this years ago.

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