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looped clips keeps playing when loading another clip


I'm using mixemergency together with my pioneer ddj-sx2 and serato. When i loop a (music) videoclip in a mix with the autoloop function on my pioneer, fade it out and load another videoclip, the old clip still keeps looping onscreen instead of showing the new clip which is playing then (the old clip-loop isn't unloading). Is it caused by a setting in mixemergency?

Greetings, Andy


  • If you restart MixEmergency, and have this new clip loaded, does it play the new clip?

  • yes, it plays the new clip then.

  • Are these video files (i.e. not an audio file, such as an MP3, WAV, etc) that you're loading in Serato DJ?

  • yes, they are all mp4 files

  • Perhaps you can recreate this and then send me (to: your MixEmergency log file? You can find the file at:


    (where ~ is your user/home folder)

  • Hi Nick,

    I checked the logfile and i noticed that i played a mp3 after the looped mp4, could that be the reason that the mp4 loop kept playing? It was a back2back set with another dj so i didn't noticed it then.


  • This might explain it. In the Advanced section of MixEmergency's Preferences you can select what MixEmergency should do when an audio file is loaded.

  • ok, thanks for the support.

    Greetings, Andy

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