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Problem when Export

Hi team,
I have a problem when i export my performance video.
While the export process, i see different lines (only when the video is on the left desk). When i am on live, the line don't appears.

My english is bad, sorry , but you can see my problem in the following pics :

Thanks your for your help.


  • Hi - this is very odd. At what dimensions are you exporting your video? And which version of MixEmergency are you exporting your performance with?

  • edited July 2019

    Hi Nick,
    I export in 1280x720. I have test with and whitout the option "Use frame blending" but it's the same.
    My version is

  • Can you try the currently public beta version of MixEmergency 3.3.0 and see if you have the same result?

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