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Tontable and Torq

edited March 2012 in Tonetable
Can someone tell me what the settings need to be in the torq program. I have torq 1 thru 2.0 and it seems not to work on any.

There is movement to the BPM when i move the platter on tontable, but i cannot start the tune from the tonetable control. I know i am doing something wrong... i just cant seem to figure it out...any help would be appreciated.



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    Hey erikp - I'm not really too familiar with Torq myself, so hopefully someone else who is using it with Torq can chime in.

    Basically, you should set it up much like you would regular turntables. Making sure that your iPad/iPod/iPhone isn't set to use mono audio (there is a setting somewhere in the iOS preferences).
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    I have it working works really well....however when i first start up the program and tonetable, i have to rotate the plug on the ipad to get it to pick up the signal.

    there are a few bugs that stop the signal at times, but usually on the fist track, after it gets going it works awesome
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    Hmmm, it sounds as though it might be a problem with either your cable, or the headphone connection of your iPad.
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    Ive bought all new cable, 3 new sets...ipads are fairly new...never used the headphone jack until now...its probably the way the ipad headphone jack is manufactured
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