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my new ipad dj set up

edited August 2011 in Tonetable


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    my new ipad dj set up
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    Nice - looks great in that case.
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    thanks nick and this link is for who didint see it (the link was down)
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    ps when are we goin to see some up grades like...
    1) a ace pic on spinning record
    2)maybe make it look like 1200
  • edited 4:13AM
    I'm not sure if I'll be changing the look of it any time soon.
  • edited April 2012
    need new updates nick!! (bad)
    new look for 2012 be nice too
    the app is nice but you have to keep it fresh
    for more djs to get interested & download
    got ideas get @me!! djkennyg70@yahoo
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    how bout art work on record ppl can chose from jpgs in there
    photos along with colors too (think about it nick) i love tonetable
    set me out from the rest but please... keep it fresh thanks!!!
  • edited 4:13AM
    Yeah - that could look cool.
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