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Crossfader and Upfaders Issues.

edited August 2012 in MixEmergency
Hi Nick,

Before upgrading to ME 2.1.0 & SL 2.4.2 I had installed an Innofader Crossfader in my TTM 57SL. I had adjusted the audio curve real tight where all I had to do was brush my fingers across the fader to have the audio cut in and out. The video would not cut so I moved the Fader Cut Distance Slider to about 3% in the Preferences/Transitions area to match the tight audio curve. This was perfect because all I had to do was brush my fingers across the fader and have the audio and Smash SE cut in and out really quickly.

Now since the ME/SL upgrade I still have the nice tight audio curve but there is not enough adjustment in the Fader Cut Distance Slider. With this Slider at 0% the video won't start to cut until I move the Crossfader another centimeter in. If this slider could go the the other way with a negative percentage I could have this matched perfectly again.

Another issue I'm having is my upfaders when all the way down don't completely transition out that channel. It's seem to be intermittent. My upfaders are the OEM faders and I have the Upfader button pushed on the ME Control Window.


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    Hi - yeah, I've had a few reports over the last few days of the faders being slightly off with certain setups, and will be looking into this further. Until this is fixed the only workaround for the upfaders would be to revert to Scratch Live 2.3.3.
  • Thanks Nick for the workaround. I ended up upgrading to a Rane 62 and it's working good. Have fun at the VJ Conferance.
  • hey guys, i've also got an innofader in my vestax controller. it transitions on the right side of the fader very sharp for videos even tho my fader audio is on smooth. any thoughts or adjustments i can do to move the video transition to the middle?

  • Does it also do this with Serato Video as well? Also, I would suggest checking the MIDI messages that are being sent by the fader. Are these smooth across the range of motion, or do they jump to higher values quickly?

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