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New Vid To Help you setup ITCH AND SERATO DJ WITH ME Thx Lofty

Im CONFIRMING this lil hack works with pioneer's ddi-sx and I thank whoever figured it out!!!

first and main issue

when i midi the ddjsx fader to m.e. its very erratic! If i move the ddjsx fader a lil to the left, m.e. fader will go all the way over to the right and repeat its self til I'm all the way over to the right on the ddjsx fader and vice versa!

I midi mapped m.e. fader to a line fader and its perfectly fine.
I midi mapped it to a knob and its perfectly fine.
It only does this when when i map it to the crossfader!

I tried all the crossfader mapping advanced options in M.E. and nothing changes this

can anyone help?


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    lil video that shows me using serato dj, ddj sx and m.e.!!!!
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    ok another issue.....

    effects dont work in serato dj when you do this hack
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    That's gonna be a problem...
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    everything works flawlessly! crossfader and fx work perfect! best of both worlds.... thanks inklen and serato!!! check the link on how to get everything working properly
  • I've done all of these steps and it seems that my DDJ-SX is sending some mixed midi messages from the crossfader. DJ Caraby's workaround did not work. Is anyone else having this issue. Let me know if you've updated to 1.1 firmware because haven't.
  • Nevermind. Got it.
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    Ok so i tried everything i saw in the video Caraby and still can't get it can someone help me out please. I have a gig tonight. And want to use my ddj sx. thanks
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    I have gotten everything to work with the exception of one thing and am wondering if there is a solution. The problem that I have encountered is with all of my midi mapping for ME & Touch OSC whenever I use the ddj-sx the midi signals that it send out makes ME go crazy with changing all sorts of settings. Is there any type of work around for this?
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    If you look at the PDF Pioneer have on their site showing the midi messages sent by the SX, you'll see it sends different messages on every channel up to 12.

    So you'll either have to disable the SX as a control device in ME (and lose fader control) or edit your Touch OSC template using only midi channels 13 and higher.
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    Phatbob thank you for the information I did change those settings in OSCulator and it did fix the problem ... I'm now running Serato DJ with the DDJ-SX, ME, & Touch OSC flawlessly
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    Well I get this.. When i turn the jog wheel.. I think the left one.. it toggles between two transitions.. Which is somewhat weird...I believe I have have the disable conflicting midi command check... Has anyone else ran into this problem and is there a way to fix this?
  • I am running Mountain Lion (10.8.2) on a MacBookPro9,1. I have Serato DJ 1.1.1 and updated to the latest DDJ-SX Firmware ver.1.02. I have MixEm 2.1.0. I followed all these instructions to a tee, even the update about copying the extra files over for 1.1, and I still cannot get MixEm to read Serato DJ for the life of me. Serato DJ will launch under the false name "Scratch LIVE" and loads up fine, but no communication b/t the two. Did the loophole really close with Serato DJ 1.1? THIS. BLOWS.
  • Download the Property List Editor From App Store and edit the info.plist of Serato DJ change the Bundle version from to that's what ME supports.
  • Somebody please help! I was able to do this for the ITCH but for some reason it doesn't work for Serato DJ. Scratch LIVE simply won't even open.

  • Got it working with my Pioneer ddj ergo-k Limited Edition.
    You have to edit the info.plist of Serato DJ change the Bundle version from to coz the is no version of scratch LIVE thats why it wont work same applies to Serato DJ the is no version of Serato DJ thats why you wont be able to Activate and use you controller.
    Here is what i did do the coping and renaming launch Serato DJ don't launch ME yet now edit the info.plist change the Bundle version from to save then launch ME and witness the magic BOOM don't close Serato DJ coz if you do u have to edit again.
    photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at92736PM_zps11e66251.png
  • love that new feed bro...could you share it? :)
  • Anybody know if Nick has plans to make M.E. work with SDJ out of the box?
  • Changing info.plist did NOT work. Scratch LIVE still won't start up. Do you have to have a specific version? I still run 2.4.2 (24220)
  • @serge open Serato DJ don't close change the info.plist from to then open ME don't forget to change it back to before closing coz when you open it with your controller wont be detected
  • @vjbabylove I am trying to use a MixTrack Pro II with Serato DJ 1.2 and Scratch Live 2.4.2 and cannot get the new version of Scratch Live to see the controller. I tried editing the info in the plist and a number of versions of Scratch. Can you do a screen capture of the process and the order of what you did? Has anyone successfully used the Mixtrack Pro II yet?
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