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MixEmergency 2.5.1 Public Beta

edited June 2014 in MixEmergency
A few people have found some bugs in MixEmergency 2.5 regarding MIDI control of the Preset window in the past few days (which is extremely embarrassing for me). It affects triggering of Image, Quartz Composition, and Video Input presets. There is also a bug when using a MIDI control to scroll through the Presets list. I know that a lot of you use these features with hardware and iPad software controllers, so I would like to get this fix out for you as soon as possible.

You can download MixEmergency 2.5.1 Public Beta here: [link removed - please download the latest version of MixEmergency]

Please note that it’s a beta, and has had very limited testing. Even though the changes to the code are minimal (just a few lines of code), if you’re not directly affected by these bugs, then there’s no need to update yet.


  • I need a link back to 2.4 ASAP. None of these new updates are working for me. I can't even load a track with 2.5.1. I have to DJ tonight and its looking like I gotta play just audio tonight. Ugh
  • Hi Nick, long time no speak, 2.5 works well for me using the Pioneer DDJ-SX and my quad core Macbook but when I use my 13'' the midi control for the crossfader jumps around big time when sliding the crossfader across and is therefore unusable. I will test the beta for you tomorrow and post my findings here

    DJ Steve Mapp
  • Make sure that you unmap the MIDI crossfader in MixEmergency (the control should be coloured red when you enter MIDI mapping mode).
  • wow i used 2.5.0 last weekend and it performed flawless for me...
  • Great to hear :)
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