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  • I like the sound cube :-) Are the parameter knobs supposed to adjust anything? Can't see any effect from them....
  • Thanks for the useful information PhilDJ. Seeing a lot of completely useless "I ran Serato for an hour and it was all good" on the Serato forums today, so it was a refreshing change to see some actual tech details. Anyway sounds like jumping on th…
  • I am very glad to at least hear a note of optimism here.
  • Problem with re-encoding them is you will unavoidably lost some quality (both audio and video).

    The "MovieInfoBatch" utility from Serato is useful for checking certain details (keyframes among them):…
  • Yes, I've done the same thing as above...wifi router with no internet connection works just fine.

    The only issue is the annoyance of having no internet connectivity on the iphone when you have things set up that way.
  • I think my brain just exploded :-O
  • Nick...just sent you a detailed email.

    The color-correction problem I described before seems to only affect 640x480 output on an older Sony display I'm testing with at home. With all other resolutions on that display, the ME color-corre…
  • I can't seem to get color-correction working at all, regardless of whether "Advanced Output" is enabled or not.

    Otherwise this version looks to be generally fine. Still seeing the issue with the Drahtwerk "iwebcamera" causing ME to cras…
  • ^^ Yes. Definitely would help make the recording feature more friendly and usable.
  • I have always left WIFI off when DJ-ing...

    Until last week, when the live camera feed feature was introduced, and I've used it with my iPhone at every gig since.

    Problems: zero.

    My computer (2010 17-inch MacBoo…
    in wifi on? Comment by Mark April 2012
  • Cool.

    Maybe what I described doesn't actually belong in "Preferences" (I think of Preferences as being things a user will usually set once and not mess around with further) might make more sense to create a new "Output Control" me…
  • Total SL 2.2.0/ME 2.0 uptime yesterday: 9 hours. No problems at all. Also haven't been able to reproduce the "beachball when attempting to quit" thing again either.
  • Yes, I've used it a bunch of times in the past week.

    Very crashy when actually turning on or off the camera feed. But seems stable if its left on (use the knob to fade it on/off).

    It gets a lot of attention :-)
  • The thing is, we don't really want to be depending on a jailbreak or hack.

    Ideally, Nick will get Serato to give him the key to the "magic kingdom" that will allow ME to hook into SL 2.4+ and do its thing in a way that is stable, suppor…
    in sl 2.4.1 Comment by Mark March 2012
  • Thanks djnyce... guess I finally have a use for the bridge/beatgrids after all.

    Even without having done that, the new ME effects looked pretty spot-on to me. I assume the beatgrid thing would help for live-drummer songs that don't keep…
  • Astro, we're all in the same boat.

    The one with better video quality :-).

    Hope Nick and Serato can come to terms.
    in sl 2.4.1 Comment by Mark March 2012
  • djnyce: do you then need to leave the bridge enabled for the beatgrid to continue working?

    Or, are you seeing things working okay with SL/ME leaving the bridge enabled?
  • Apologies in advance, I'm done.
  • "misleading the newer DJ's"?

    Look - v e r y - c a r e f u l l y - at this page:

    Top of the page....
  • "100% video backup within 15 seconds"... that is actually excellent advice.

    I will make sure all installs I'm involved with have a $25 DVD player wired into the system, and a supply of DJ-mix DVD's on hand for instant backup in case the…
  • skinnyguy...I don't think you do. I don't have my files analyzed with grids, just the normal way...and the grid-effect thing seems to be working just fine.
  • When the fifth or sixth revision of the iPad has enough horsepower to do everything we can now do with a high-end Macbook Pro, will we be complaining that Apple had misled us by "obsoleting" our earlier computer purchases?

    Will we be co…
  • I'm just simply LOL-ing my head off here reading all the crocodile tears over the possible "obsolescence" of a $200 piece of software.

    Exhibit A, aka "Reality Check": The Video DJ's who ran out and bought Pioneer's $6,000 "Audio Video m…
  • Hi Nick...

    Yes I'll try to get you some more info on the "beachball when trying to quit" thing. My sense is that it's related to uptime, since I didn't see that happening earlier at home when testing (running ME for much shorter duratio…
  • I wound up using 2.0 (for six hours) DJ-ing Tuesday night. No crashes or any other issue while playing, but had to force-quit out of an ME-induced beachball when I was trying to shut down.

    Made a lot of use of the live camera feed. The …
  • "Thanks - hopefully I'll have some time to check them out thoroughly later today."

    But, but.... I need to use it tonight :-)

    Just kidding around with you of course. I don't usually use new software playing out until I've te…
  • Yep just sent those out now, hope they help.
  • Playing with the live camera input... Drahtwerk's "iWebcamera" works for sending in a camera feed from an iPhone over wifi. That sure opens up a lot of cool possibilities.

    Unfortunately I'm getting some ME crashes when enabling/un-enabl…
  • Nick....thanks yes I did miss that before, thanks for the heads-up.
  • Man I really hope it's not far away... yeah "tomorrow" was a joke but I was trying to communicate how big a deal this is to me.

    Otherwise, many many thanks for all the great work you've done/been doing with this app.