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Future Suggestion - Layout Preset

edited March 2017 in MixEmergency
not sure if this already exist but on Fridays i use SDJ (ddj-sz) and on Saturdays i use SSL (ttm-57). I always have to relocate my ME windows because of usable space due to SSL/SDJ layout. Is there a way to save presets of your ME window (+ tools) layout? Not sure if I am the only one dealing with this but it would make for a nice feature in future releases.


  • edited March 2017
    There is no way built into the current version. Technically you could do it via the Terminal, by saving then writing the Preferences of MixEmergency.
  • im not too savvy with terminal. if you can offer some instructions I would be willing to try.
  • To save them to a file on the Desktop:

    defaults export com.inklen.MixEmergency ~/Desktop/MixEmergencyPreferences.plist

    To load them from the same file:

    defaults import com.inklen.MixEmergency ~/Desktop/MixEmergencyPreferences.plist
  • thanks ill give it a shot
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