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Midi Controller

edited October 2017 in MixEmergency
Hi guys, looking around for a midi controller that I can use with Mixemergency, I would like to have the lights of the buttons to be interactive.
Does anybody have any recommendations?
Cheers in advanced. :)


  • I use the Numark Orbit for Me. The WiFi Wireless function isn't working again so it's connected via USB cable.

    I have two pages

    1.set up for triggering the Presets
    2. For the Sampler

    The lights work technically but not in a interactive way ie say I trigger one Sampler slot, it doesn't flash to show me what I have triggered. I have to check the screen to see what slot or preset I triggered.

    @nick can ME midi light out settings do that?

    I also have the Akai 40 MK2 but I don't use it with ME as booth space is premium. I use that for Resolume Avenue and that works perfectly. If you trigger a video the button will flash until you trigger another one
  • I believe that MixEmergency should be able to show the play state of the Sample Player - but this might not be possible on a number of controllers (often due to them controlling the lights themselves, or because of the messages they send).
  • Hi @nick,

    I will experiment a bit, I've got a handful of controllers lying around.

    Kontrol X1, SP1 and the aforementioned Orbit and 40MK2.

    One of those should be able to reflect the play state.

    It will be nice for ME to have official map to at least one or two controllers in a future version. Even if it's a basic official mapping.

  • Hi @dj_marv

    Thanks for replying, that Orbit looks pretty cool, unfortunately, ill be using my controller to trigger: media bank, text bank and image bank and parameters, so need rows of 8pads (minimum) and at least 8 sliders/dials, i prefer to perform without layers/pages.

    In the interim, i brought an Akai APC mini, it works great, but getting the lights to work is almost impossible, i may have to learn python scripting but even then, it will be in a complete on/off state.
  • I bought that same APC mini and had to return it too, the controller doesn't light up with Mix Emergency.

    I have spent the last few hours trying to get even the Orbit to reflect the "play state" especially with the Sample player which definitely has Midi Output. The best ive gotten is just a momentary light when i hit the button on the Orbit.

    I also tried to change the controllers setting in the Numark Orbit Midi editor i.e change the button action from momentary to toggle, still no joy.

    @nick can you kindly recommend any one/two/few midi controller that will work optimally with ME, especially in relation to play state. It will really save people time and energy.

  • In my opinion, using a device such as an iPad is really the best way to go, as it can be customised to exactly the controls that you want, and often there are more options when it comes to lighting controls.
  • What Ipad application would you recommend. I want to buy one.
  • Hey guys, you can also use Bome Midi Translator and midi yoke to send midi signals for lighting to your midi controllers. It will give you the visual feedback you are looking for.

    Initial trigger is sent by the apc to me, then bome and midi yoke will split and send midi signals back to the controller.

    It's not as complicated as it sounds, there is quite a few tutorials + midi mappings available online.
  • Which controller are you using ?
  • I use an apc 40, but it will work with any midi controller.
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