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Bar Video Setup

edited January 2018 in MixEmergency
looking to setup video on other TVs. First, I play off one TV (#3) at the moment but manager wants me to try to find a way to setup on more TVs around the bar area. The setup here at the bar is different. There no matrix to control all TVs there a splitter to every 3 TVs. Now the setup looks like this...TV #1 is connect to Cable Box from the box, hdmi goes into a Splitter from the splitter it goes out to TV #2 and TV# 3 (which i play from ) If I add a switch to the 3rd TV( i play off) will that signal carry to the other TVs ? I'm assuming its "NO" but i'm just making sure.... or do i add the switch to Main input on the splitter? only asking this so its easier to setup since TV #3 is near the dj setup...thanks


  • I'm a little confused, sorry. I suspect that the answer is "no", though.
  • ok i figured it was a No.... one more question .... Would you happen to know if a HDMI switch will work with a Splitter so the bar manager can switch from my macbook display and their cable box?
  • To be honest, I'm not really up-to-date with these sorts of hardware connectors, so I will have to let another member answer this.
  • Easy way is was the bar to get someone in to do a proper cable run for you.

    Proper HDMI port in your booth

    They can do a HDMI over Lan Run

    Then this is terminates where the Cable box to TV 1 is.

    At this point they can use a HDMI Matrix/Switch with a remote control eg 4 to 1 or 4 to 4

    2/4 input to one output
    4 input to 4 output

    That way all the TVs will see what TV 1 is receiving using their old splitter system.

    I had to get a bar to do this too. It was a more complex set up.

  • thanks dj Marv
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