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Mix Emergency Midi Mapping

edited January 2012 in MixEmergency
Just a question for Nick.

How many aspects can be controlled with midi mapping?
Im only asking as i'm thinking of making a custom midi controller dedicated for ME.
Things like slider, rotary controls, push buttons etc.

Any information would be great.



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    I guess it would be best if you simply figured out which ones you want to use. You can see most of them by pushing the MIDI button on MixEmergency, and then viewing the different windows (which will be coloured to show which controls are mapped or not).

    In total (at least, in this current version I'm working on) there are 441 possible controls to be MIDI mapped - which is far more than you would ever want to control from a dedicated controller.

    There are a few things coming in the next version that could be helpful for this type of thing though - so I would wait a little while before you finalise your design :)
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    Haha, cheers Nick.

    Ill have a look at that and see what gives.
    441 controls, are you going to be controlling a space ship or something?

    Any idea how long to wait to finalise anything off?
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    A lot of those controls are for things like the Quartz Composition parameters (there are 32 button and 32 slider controls for each channel).

    I can't give you a timeframe for the next release - still working on it.
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    Is there a way to delete the midi and start over.. and could one button be use for two function like image over lay and serato sp6
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    I need to add some sort of MIDI reset function....

    The easiest way to do it is to exit MixEmergency, delete the file:

    ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/_AUTOSAVE.xml

    Then restart MixEmergency.

    Yes, you can map the same MIDI command to something in MixEmergency and Scratch Live.
  • @nick

    What does ME save the midi mappings as? XML?

  • Yes, it's all saved in the XML format.
  • I'm on the 5th or so midi controller..this time the Pioneer XP1. Previously tried Akai APC Mini, Numark Orbit, Native Instruments Kontrol X1 MK1 and the Akai APC 40 MK2.

    Some buttons light up some don't when I map them.

    The functions I can't get to light up

    1. Sampler
    2. Presets - I'm mapped the buttons on the left side for Fx Sequencer and Effects.

    Does anyone know how to get buttons to light up? @nick any help?

    Sampler Bank lights up

  • @nick where is it saved...the XML of midi mappings
  • It's in ~/Movies/MixEmergency/Control Mappings/

    The Presets - you can't get these to light buttons because of the type of button that they are (they're essentially a button to trigger and event, the loading of a preset, instead of representing that a particular preset is loaded).
  • Oh I see. I was pulling my hair out trying to make it light up.

    I think midi light out for them will be useful though both in idle state and active state.

    I use the Presets quite a lot and I will like a way to get visual feedback on which preset I'm triggering. I'm talking about the wee buttons on the left numbered 1 to 12.

    What about the sampler slots? Do they have midi light out? I can get the A B C D (Sampler Bank) to light up but not the actual sampler slots.

    It will be nice to know which slots have samples loaded by visual feedback and to know which sampler slot is active by visual feedback on midi controllers.

    I'm going to peruse the XML and see if I can mod it to achieve midi out lights.
  • The 1-12 buttons don't have a state (on/off), so they will never be able to light your controller.

    The Sample Player slots have MIDI out, and these should light your device.
  • The Sampler do light up in a weird way and I will try to explain

    They stay lit irrespective if the sampler is triggeredor not when I mapped it.

    How I think they should work is

    1. They should have a lot state in the off state

    2. Then if a sample is fired one shot they should light up brighter for the duration of the one shot

    3. If the sample is set to look the buttons should stay on until I hit it again to stop the looping sample

  • Currently they should only light up when they're playing (assuming that your MIDI controller is compatible with the on/off messages that are sent).
  • I have tried many midi controllers with mixed results. It's pretty easy to map but it's visual feedback that is not straightforward.

    Perhaps it's time for Mixemergency to have its own recommendations on midi controllers.

    @Nick just pick up a few controllers and test the commonly mapped stuff.

    I'm sure if you reach out to some hardware manufacturers they will gladly send you stuff to experiment with.

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    @dj_marv , sorry to bump on this old thread, i saw you tested several midi controllers.
    i am also looking for a small controller only for ME.
    wich one was your favorite and why?
    as for now i have a korg NanoKontrol 1 and yes the visual feedback is not clear, sometimes.
    i also did a small cardbox that i cutted into the shape of the nanokontrol to add text also to recall wich button is wich , and for a time i also sticked some glowing labels


  • Also @Nick you said in this comment to look into an ipad.

    do you have a head up on wich software to use ?
    does this will be harder on an android device using a mac?

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    @DJCarlos i use the Pioneer DDJ XP1 now for Mixemergency. its a bit bigger but i like having all the pads without needing to switch pages.

    I mapped the PAD FX page of the controller (left and right)

    i basically have left side (16 pads) mapped to trigger FX Sequence

    Right side (16 pads) mapped to trigger individual FX

    I also mapped a few buttons for things i may use eg switch transition type, toggle sequencer banks, fx banks.

    There is visual feedback as well on this particular controller which makes it appropriate.

    I bought the XP1 because it was bundled with a free rekordbox license, i wanted to try rekordbox then, so killed two birds with one stone.

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