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This version of MixEmergency is a fully functional demo, with the exception of being time-limited to 30 minutes per session, and a watermark over the output for users who have not yet purchased an authorization code.

If you haven't yet upgraded to a MixEmergency 2 license, you can download an use MixEmergency 2.1.0 with your MixEmergency 1 license key.

$149 USD
MixEmergency 2.7.1
Minimum Requirements - Mac (2009 model or later) - Mac OS X 10.5.8 - Scratch Live 1.9.2 or Serato DJ 1.6
MixEmergency is the missing link to make all my Video DJ performances come to life.
As a video DJ, there is no other program I use but MixEmergency! As a video DJ, MixEmergency is a MUST... #PERIOD
MixEmergency is an unparalleled solution for the present and the future of video mixing. I cannot imagine performing my shows without it.
MixEmergency user
Joshua Carl (Boston, MA USA)    
Video Report host & Crooklyn Clan performance artist