MixEmergency Release Notes


  • All beat-related features can now be synced to an external MIDI Clock signal.
  • Preset triggers can now be mapped individually.
  • Added importing and exporting of individual, and banks of, presets.
  • Added editing of MIDI control type, control/note number, and channel, directly from within the MIDI assignment window.
  • Increased the number of slots in the Media Bank to 16.
  • Added a section for Media Bank presets to the Presets window.
  • Added Stay Reverse transition.
  • MIDI-learn mode no longer activates directly after deleting a MIDI mapping.
  • Fixed issues displaying 16-bit images.
  • Fixed issues with the Blur filter when used within the automatic Border Fill feature.
  • Fixed the Video Input overlay not displaying in the preview window under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed some display issues in the Media Bank.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Save and Trash preset buttons to not respond when controlled via MIDI.


  • Officially compatible with Serato DJ.
  • Fixed issues loading files with certain filepaths.
  • Changed the default fader side on start-up.


  • Fixed a crashing bug when switching to full-screen mode while a channel effect is engaged.
  • Reduced the minimum size of the Output window.


  • Fixed output screen positioning issues (Mac OS X 10.9).
  • Fixed an issue where some controls on the main MixEmergency window would not respond (Mac OS X 10.9).
  • Improved the rendering pipeline to allow effect plug-ins to access image data from both channels.
  • Added Video Input overlay presets.
  • Added notifications for FX Sequencer presets.
  • Fixed an audio recording issue that could cause recording to stop for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain MIDI messages to be lost.


  • Refined and redesigned the user-interface.
  • Added a new FX Sequencer.
  • Optimised video pipeline, reducing CPU usage by around 30% when playing HD videos.
  • Added new auto-fade mode (triggered via the crossfader).
  • Added Quality control for Video Input overlay.
  • Added controls to set the autofade duration in beats.
  • Added a new autofade duration knob to the Control window.
  • Effect presets can now be assigned specific target channels per preset (right-click to modify).
  • Effect preset titles can now be edited (double-click to edit).
  • Added a parameter window for Quartz Composition overlays.
  • Added title/value labels for a number of controls.
  • Added MIDI mapping of the external control pop-up button.
  • Increased the delay compensation range.
  • Quartz Composition Effect and Transitions can now access the new Beat value input.
  • Added a Reset button to the MIDI window for quickly resetting all MIDI mappings.
  • Added in and out indicators for all MIDI mappable controls.
  • Fixed issues with text positioning when recording.
  • Fixed issues reading tags from files processed with Scratch Live 2.3.3 or higher.
  • Fixed issues when using some rotary MIDI knobs.
  • Fixed bug where certain control change messages would save their mappings incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Grid mode control of effects would not take into account delay compensation.
  • Fixed issues where album art was not being loaded correctly when used with Scratch Live 2.4 or higher.
  • Fixed issues with QuickTime edit points causing some files to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues with the file relocation function.
  • Fixed minor issues with the notification windows.
  • Fixed issues when using large numbers of transitions.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.
  • Removed MixEmergency 1 licensing system (a MixEmergency 2 authorization code is now required).


  • Added compatibility with Scratch Live 2.4 and higher.
  • Fixed crashes when using certain cameras (and iPhone streaming apps) with the Video Input overlay.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause excessive CPU use when cueing a track.
  • Fixed text overlay rendering issues on Retina MacBook Pros.
  • Fixed incorrectly sized window titles on Retina MacBook Pros.


  • Fixed authorization issues.
  • Fixed camera crashing issues introduced in 2.0.3.


  • Fixed positioning issues when using MIDI crossfaders.
  • Fixed issues with color correction when the windowed and fullscreen output sizes were equal.


  • Fixed a beat alignment issue for files using Beat Grids.
  • Color correction now works when the Advanced Output is enabled.


  • Fixed a crash on start-up.


  • Added Blend Modes for effects.
  • Added Grid/BPM control mode for effects and transitions.
  • Added automatic border-fill overlays.
  • Added MIDI output.
  • Added video camera input as an overlay.
  • Added effect and transition change notification system.
  • Added Advanced Output options (with basic projection mapping and output size control).
  • Added pop-up editor for the effect Mapping Graphs.
  • Quartz Composition Overlays can now be saved and triggered as presets.
  • Added layer/shift modifiers for MIDI controls.
  • Added MIDI input and output connection options on the MIDI window.
  • Added a preference to enable anti-aliasing.
  • Improved handling of alpha channels (useful when output via Syphon).
  • Added Beat, BPM, and file path input keys for Quartz Compositions.
  • Added display of the MIDI channel on the MIDI mapping pop-up window.
  • The low memory warning will no longer open the Messages window.
  • Added fine adjustment of knob controls by holding the Shift key.
  • Added "Get More Plug-Ins..." button in the preferences.
  • Minor user-interface modifications.
  • Fixed colorspace issues with some effects.
  • Fixed issues when MIDI mapping Quartz Composition controls.
  • Fixed a rare video track timing issue that affected certain files.
  • Fixed an issue when recording to a file with Unicode characters in the file's path.
  • Fixed a bug where triggering an empty image overlay would not clear the current image.
  • Fixed the display of the Bass Mapping Graph for the output effect.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the Invert state of MIDI mappings when adding a new mapping.
  • Fixed bugs and improved the logging of audio recording errors.
  • Fixed a bug when triggering presets with the "B2 P1", etc, buttons.
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by moving the output window between screens with certain Quartz Compositions loaded.
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks.
$199 USD
MixEmergency 2.5.0
Minimum Requirements - Mac (2009 model or later) - Mac OS X 10.5.8 - Scratch Live 1.9.2 or Serato DJ 1.6
MixEmergency is the missing link to make all my Video DJ performances come to life.
MixEmergency does it all & then some. I use MixEmergency for my sets & highly suggest you do the same.
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DJ Steve1der    
VJ for Screenwerks
After I found out ME featured Syphon and can incorporate video scratching with other software it became my #1 tool for my solo and theater shows.
MixEmergency user
Cinematic Deejay Irie    
Mixmove Video DJ Champ, 3rd VDJC2 World Champ