DVS control tone on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Introducing Tonetable: an iOS application for DJs who want to control their digital vinyl system from their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tonetable produces a control tone that is compatible with most digital vinyl systems such as Serato's Scratch Live™, M-Audio's Torq™, and Image-Line's Deckadance™ (please note that it is no longer compatible with Traktor Scratch by Native Instruments).

Tonetable features a large scratching platter that allows you to scratch and throw the virtual vinyl similar to using a real turntable. To use Tonetable with your DJ software simply connect an audio cable from the line out of your iPhone or iPod Touch to your audio interface's line in.

Tonetable setup diagram


  • Scratch, throw and pitch bend.
  • Pitch slider capable of fine pitch control.
  • Configurable control tone (1 kHz - as used by Scratch Live™, 1.2 kHz - as used by Torq™, 1.3 kHz - as used by MixVibes™).
  • 33 or 45 RPM modes.
  • Keyboard for manipulating the control tone in semitone intervals.
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$7.99 USD
Hardware Requirements - iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - Audio cable - Audio interface1
Software Requirements - iPhone OS 3.1.2 - Digital vinyl system (e.g. Scratch Live™)
1 Several digital vinyl systems require specific hardware for control tone input.